5 Coolest Place in Delhi to Party this New Year!

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new year party in delhi

Delhi loves to party! And that’s why the nightlife of Delhi is the coolest one. Delhi has so many nightclubs and other places to party day and night. And as we are bidding goodbye to 2017 and welcoming 2018 we all want to know more about some coolest places in Delhi to party this new […]

Do You Know About These Top 5 Waterfalls of India?

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India has a number of beautiful waterfalls and the list is very long trust me! But here is a list of top 5 waterfalls that are exceptionally beautiful! These top 5 waterfalls of India are breathtaking, eye-catching and spectacular in this world! So let’s have a look. DUDHASAGAR FALLS (Milky Waterfall) Located on the Mandovi […]

Know facts about Rani Padmavati’s Chitorgarh Fort!

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Rani Padmavati's Chitorgarh Fort- LTI

So a month ago we all were really excited to know the story of Rani Padmavati but we know what happened with that movie. So leaving that movie and politics part behind today I am going to tell you more about the Rani padmavati’s Chitorgarh fort! Rani Padmavati’s Chitorgarh Fort or also known as Chittaur […]

What are the best tourist attractions in Kerala?

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best tourist attractions in kerala

What are the best tourist attractions in Kerala? Kerala, South India’s most beautiful state. Tourist attractions in Kerala is an amalgamation of traditions, wealthy cultures, and folk dances. Kerala is also known as the land of elephants, coconut trees, backwaters and beautiful green lands.The tourist attractions in Kerala are different in its looks and beauty. […]

Bajirao’s “Shaniwaarwada” – A haunted place in Pune!

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Shaniwaarwada in pune

Remember Peshwa Bajirao of Maratha ? And his Shaniwaarwada? The famous Shaniwaarwada is a haunted place now in Pune! Bajirao was the General of the Maratha Empire in India and he served as the Peshwa to the 5th Maratha Chattarpati Sahu from 1720 until his death. Peshwa Bajirao was probably the most finest Cavalry of […]

Are you going to the “Go Buzzinga Momos Festival?”

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go buzzinga momos festival in delhi

More than 100+ varities of Momos, live music, flash mobs and much more! Where? Obviously at the “Go Buzzinga Momos Festival” in Delhi! Yes the 4th edition of Go Buzzinga Momos festival is going to happen in Delhi on 16th & 17th December 2017 at Garden of Five Senses, Saket. This year they are planning […]

Top Travel Books To Inspire The Wanderlust In You!

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top travel books to inspire wanderlust in you

I guess we all are born with the urge to travel. Every now and then I hear from people that they love to travel. The only difference between different people is some of them love to write about their love for travel and their travel stories while some of them keep their experience to themselves. […]

“12 Destinations To Get High In India!”

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get high in india

Here is a list of 12 destinations in India to get high!                                            

5 places not to miss in Delhi!

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5 places not to miss in delhi

Well Delhi is famous for so many things that we couldn’t even imagine. From being an important connecting link to old and modern history to being beautiful proof of Mughal history ,from it’s mouth watering street food to shopping at very affordable rates, the long list of tourist attractions sometimes gives me nightmares but Dill […]

A visit to Ghalib ki Haveli – Forgotten Gem of Delhi

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ghalib ki haveli entrance

                                                           ” Hai aur bhi duniya me sukhanwar bahut ache                                   […]