Unexplained stories about Rasleela in Nidhivan

There are many mysteries hidden in India which are difficult to guess. So here continuing the series of mysterious places in India, today I am up with another unexplained story.

Today let’s unfurl the story of one of the famous sacred places in India, Vrindavan. Vrindavan is the land of love. The grounds of Vrindavan have witnessed the love, affection, and care between Lord Krishna and Radha. All the temples here are dedicated to the love of Lord Krishna and Radha. Vrindavan is an ancient city, just a few kilometers away from Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. It has been an important Hindu pilgrimage site since time immemorial.

Not just temples but Vrindavan also has a place which is believed to be the sole witness of the affection between Krishna and Radha even today. I am talking about “Nidhivan.”

Nidhivan Entrace Gate

Nidhivan in the Land of Krishna, Vrindavan is a place full of mystery. The devotees and locals believe that not only Lord Krishna visits this place but he also conducts his Rasleela every single night here! And this is the reason why after the evening Aarti at 7 pm in the temples, the doors of Nidhivan shut down for the devotees as well as priests. Not only this, the birds and animals also leave this place in the evening. Nidhivan also has the maximum number of monkeys in the entire Vrindavan.nidhivan

So let’s know more about these amazing mysteries related to Nidhivan, which are still beyond explanations!

This place is strictly forbidden to stay at night. According to Girish Pandit, the local priest of Vrindavan, if anyone has tried to stay in the night in Nidhivan has not lived longer than 24 hours.

It is said that the person who stays here at night sees Lord Krishna but he could not endure seeing the immense energy of God, so his eyesight goes away. Also According to local people and priests, their death will only happen after seeing Lord Krishna. This is the reason why the burials of people are still present there.

Also, the trees that grow in this Nidhivan complex grow weirdly. Generally, the branches of trees grow upwards but here the branches of trees grow downwards and are tangled. It is believed that all the creepers of trees are Gopis.nidhivan

It is claimed that anyone who has taken a leaf from here, is harmed with something. That’s why people refrain from carrying leaves from Nidhivan.

It is said that Lord Haridas of Nimbarka community was an important contributor to the establishment of Vrindavan City. Haridas Ji was the master of Tansen. According to historians, in the 15th century when he was born in a village near Mathura, he drowned in the devotion of Lord Krishna and Radha.

It is believed that Swami Haridas was able to see the Rasleela of Lord Krishna. His cottage is in “Tatiya” in Vrindavan and known as “Tatiya Ashram.

tatiya ashram in vrindavan - Nidhivan


Nidhivan has a palace inside called Rang Mahal.  Here a bed made of sandalwood is prepared and decorated for Lord Krishna every night. And a jar filled with water, a Neem Daatun (to brush teeth) and Pan ( betel leaf with areca nut) are kept near the bed.rang mahal nidhivan

It is believed that when the doors are opened in the morning, the bed looks as if someone has slept in it, whereas the water in a jar is also looked consumed and so does the Pan and the Neem Datun!

The people living near the Nidhivan follow the proverb “Precaution is better than cure.”As the houses built in the vicinity of Nidhivan have access to the view of the area but no one dares to attempt to do so. It is said, those who attempted to see through the Nidhivan post 8 pm also lost their mental balance or sight. Therefore, many people have sealed their windows with bricks and those who have an open window, also close them down after bell of the evening aarti.

Well, the stories of Nidhivan have no explanation so we can only say that ” Where the thinking boundary of Science ends the reason of spirituality begins. “

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