Top 5 offbeat places to visit in Assam – 4th one is haunted and mysterious!

Top 5 offbeat places to visit in Assam – 4th one is haunted and mysterious!

Dominated by the mighty Brahmaputra River, the state of Assam is the gateway to the northeastern part of India. This beautiful land finds its reference in the great Hindu epic Mahabharata as “Pragiyotisha” and “Kamarupa” in the first millennium.

Endowed with lush greenery, Assam is also renowned for Assam tea, silk, petroleum resources and rich flora and fauna.

Being the gateway to the north eastern states Assam gets you wondering! It truly does! Catching the eyes of nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts, Assam is an absolute delight!

Apart from the Kaziranga National Park, Guwahati and Kamakhkya Temple, the following are top 5 offbeat places to visit in Assam that you shouldn’t miss!!!  Check them out!!!!

Panimur Falls

Panimur Falls
Panimur Falls – Assam

The falls is not covered under Assam Tourism map and was an accidental discovery on way to Dima Hasao district in Assam which is about 250km from Guwahati.

Panimur is a small village in the Dima Hasao district in Assam.

This falls is the Niagara Fall of Assam. With its awestruck beauty and serenity of the environment it will leave you mesmerized.But be careful as the water is way too fierce!!

Digboi- First Place in Asia to be Drilled for Oil

Digboi - Assam
Digboi – Assam

“Dig boy, dig,” a phrase uttered by a British engineer in the late 19th century is what led to the discovery of a remote town that became a landmark in mankind’s history—Digboi, the first place where the mighty British Empire discovered fossil fuels.

Located in the Tinsukia district in the north-eastern part of Assam. It is situated 510 km north east of the major city of Asaam, Guwahati.

Well-maintained airways,railways and roadways connects the city with the rest of India.

There is an oil museum which tells the history of the place. The first Oil Refinery is also a major tourist attraction. Digboi has the oldest working oil well of Asia.

Halflong- The Ant Hill

Halflong - Assam
Halflong – Assam

Haflong is a Dimasa word meaning Anthill

It is the only hill station of Assam in the Dima Hasao distict. Halflong is avowed for its beautiful landscapes and the village of Jatinga which is known for mysterious bird suicides on the night of new moon.

There is no direct Air connection to Haflong but one can fly to Guwahati or Silchar or Dimapur from where easy road or rail options are available.

Haflong has a metre gauge train station which connects it with Lumding and Silchar.

Secret Tunnels of the Talantal Ghar

Talatal-Ghar - Assam
Talatal-Ghar – Assam

Located in Rongpur, the Talatal Ghar was built as a secret army base by Swargadeo Rajeswar Singha and his successors, during AD 1751-1769. Talatal Ghar is actually part of Rangpur Palace.

Talantal Ghar is the largest of the Ahom Monuments. Talantal Ghar consists of two secret tunnels and three floors below the ground level which were used as exit routes during the battles of the Ahoms.

The overall structure has seven floors. The secret tunnels are now restricted to the visitors. Apparently it was recorded that some who went in never returned!

The River Islands of Assam- Both Largest and Smallest!

Umananda island - Assam
Umananda island – Assam

Did you know that world’s smallest river island and world’s largest river island are in the same state?! Yes, Umananda Island in Guwahati and Majuli Island near Jorhat are the islands located in Assam.

Assam is a home of world’s largest river floating island Majuli and the world’s smallest inhabited island  Umananda or the Peacock Island. They are Located right in the middle of the Brahmaputra river in Guwahati.

An ancient Shiva temple built by the Ahom Kingdom is the major attraction and also spotting a golden langur would’nt be surprising!!

Majuli - Assam
Majuli – Assam

Majuli is located 200km east from the Assam’s major city Guwahati and a distance of 20 km from Jorhat.  Majuli is the world’s largest river island and it attracts tourists from all over the world.

Majoli is a river island in the Brahmaputra River, Assam and in 2016 it became the first island to be made a district in India.

Umananda Island is the smallest inhabited river island in the world. Like Majuli, Umananda is situated in the middle of Brahmaputra river. Ahom King, Gadadhar Singha ordered to construct a shiva temple in the island. Today, Umananda Temple is one of the main pilgrimage sites in the city.

The British called it as Peacock Island because the shape of the island looks like a peacock feather.

You can take the bus or a hired taxi to the Nimati Steamer Ghat from where ferry services ply. The distance takes approx three hours to cover, with three bus rides and two ferry rides.

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