Safdarjung Tomb – Hidden gem of Delhi

Delhi is home to numerous tombs & monuments and they are exceptionally beautiful, no doubt about that. Most of the monuments are from the Mughal era. One such monument is “Safdarjung Tomb.” Located At the Intersection of Safdarjung Road and Aurobindo Marg, this tomb is a hidden gem.


The Safdarjung Tomb also referred to as ‘Safdarjung Ka Maqbara’ is a garden tomb in New Delhi, India, made of marble and sandstone and built in late 18th century.

Safdarjung’s Tomb was built in memorial of Safdarjung the governor of the province of Awadh and Nawab Shuja-uddaulah’s father. But I don’t know why this beautiful monument is less visited by people and is generally less crowded.

Moreover, Most of the people living in Delhi don’t even know about this place.

Safdarjung’s Tomb is one of the few buildings built during the last span of the Mughal era. The plan of the tomb structure is similar to that of the Humayun’s tomb over an area of 300 sq. meters. And if you have ever visited Sikandra in Agra then you can find many similarities between them.


The architecture and the intricate design of this monument have many different aspects of the ancient Mughal architecture, and the entire construction is composed of many popular Arabic engravings.

It has several smaller pavilions with names like Jangli Mahal, Moti Mahal, and Badshah Pasand. The complex also has a Madarsa. Also, there is a library over the main gateway maintained by The Archaeological Survey of India.

The garden surrounding and the entire tomb complex is a very aesthetic landscape for photography. You can come here with your cameras and click some cool pictures for your Instagram handle just like I did!

Still camera photography is free of charge here and Rs. 25 is charged for each video camera but if you are capturing videos from your mobile phones then it’s okay.

The chambers inside the tomb are rectangular in shape and the corner chambers are structured octagonal.

There are two graves inside the tomb, one that of Safdarjung’s and the other of his wife.

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When to Visit

Now the question is what the best time to visit this tomb is, so in summers, visiting this place during evenings is much preferable because a gentle breeze during the dusk is so much better than facing the scorching sun. The most popular timing for visiting this tourist location in summers is during evenings, around 4 to 5 pm. And you can enjoy a walk or just sit here and relax with your friends or with your partner or you can just have some “me-time.”

Also, in winters, people often prefer visiting here during the morning time, to enjoy the scenery with the warmth of the sun.

Also, this place is well-maintained and very clean and you can carry food inside while you are visiting but just don’t throw the waste here and there and don’t break the rules of Swacch Bharat Mission.

How to Reach

A major portion of Delhi is now inter-connected by Delhi Metro, which makes it easier for tourists to reach destinations within a short amount of time. So if you are planning to visit this Safdarjung tomb then there are many different ways to reach here. The very first option is to take a Metro and get off at the Jor Bagh metro station. The tomb is at a short distance from here, you can walk straight from here or you can take an auto to reach the monument.

So if you love historical places and love finding more about the beauty of Mughal architecture just like me then add Safdarjung tomb to your bucket list and plan your visit ASAP!

Did you know:

The 2013 American biographical drama ‘Jobs‘ directed by Joshua Michael Stern and starring Ashton Kutcher, Dermot Mulroney, and Josh Gad among others was filmed here in this Safdarjung Tomb.

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