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“Party being Pocket friendly at CP”

Looking for a place to hang out with your friends this weekend? But you also want to save some penny? Then you are at the right place, my friend! I know you all must be wondering that how is this even possible, so the answer is yes, of course, it’s possible! This weekend party being pocket-friendly at CP. So chalo Tafree marne! I mean let’s try a place that is not very popular like other cafes and lounges but I’m sure you all must have heard about this place and wanted to try it but never accomplished your plan. I’m talking about the “Tafree Cafe!”

Although there are many more cafes and lounges which are quite popular they will burn your pocket too! So why always plan for HKV or Kamla Nagar or any other high rated place, when you can actually have a great time in the heart of the capital city, in Connaught Place only!

So, first of all, I visited this cafe yesterday only and it was my first visit but the ambiance, the staff, the rates, quality and quantity of food items were really impressive. Although it was Sunday and I reached there around 4 so I had to wait for a while but the staff were really very nice and were quick in their services. So it was my friend’s birthday and I wanted to make it really very special “Tafree” made me do so! I was a bit worried about the crowd but I noticed that there were many youngsters, college gangs, and a group of girls. So overall the crowd and the ambiance, the music everything was quite funky and really impressive.

Now coming to the most important thing, the food! So we ordered veg food items only. They have lots of varieties of both non- veg and veggie items. They also serve really cool mocktails and cocktails. The names are quite cool like “Molecular Mixology Deconstructed”, “Fuk Fuk cocktail”, and “Tafree special.”

And I loved the white sauce Pasta and I must say it was really very yummy! Or maybe I’m a pasta lover so I love Pasta anyway!  Jokes apart, you can also go for other veggie food items they are yumm yumm too.

Well if you are a college student or you want to plan your weekend according to your budget they “Tafree” is a cool place to try out. “Tafree” is all about having fun, grooving with the music and having a good time with your gang!

Location- F-12,13, Inner Circle Connaught Place, Delhi.

Nearest metro – Gate no. 5 Rajeev Chowk.

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