Maa Mundeshwari Temple – The Oldest “Functional” Hindu Temple of Inida

Maa Mundeshwari Temple is considered as the world’s oldest functional Hindu temple in India. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva & Shakti. 

Situated on the isolated Mudeshwari hills of Kaimur range, Maa Mundeshwari temple is  12km from Kaimur district headquarters Bhabua, Bihar.

The temple also has other deities like Ganesha, Surya & Vishnu. According to the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), the temple dates back to 108 AD and has been protected and maintained by ASI since 1915. But presently it has been taken over by the BSRTB and a trust committee chaired by the DM.

Apart from being the oldest functional temple of India Maa Mundeshwari Temple is also the oldest specimen of the Nagara style of temple architecture.


Maa Mundeshwari Temple


The sculptures, decorative figures, carvings & fragments are unique and classic example of Gupta style.  Also, these figures & sculptures indicate that this temple was once a cultural center of great importance. The temple is also unique due to its “Octagonal” plan & stone made structure.


Maa Mundeshwari Temple - Sculptures



The Eastern section of temple has the ancient idol of Maa Mundeshwari. The goddess is in the form of Vaarahi  whose vehicle is Mahish.


Maa Mundeshwari temple - maa murti


There is also a Chatur Mukhalingam (Lingam with four faces) in the Central part of the temple.


Maa Mundeshwari temple - chatur mukhalingam



There is a statue of “Vishal Nandi” on the west side of the entrance. The temple has 4 sided entrance.

This temple is considered as the oldest functional temple of India as it is believed that the rituals and worship have been performed here without a break. Every year the festivals of Ramnavmi & Shivratri are celebrated with great enthusiasm here and the temple is visited by a large number of pilgrims to soak in the spiritual glory.


Maa Mundeshwari temple is open all year for its devotees. But keep in mind due to the present Covid-19 situation & lockdown the visiting hours might be affected.


Location –

Mundeshwari Dham Road, Bhabua, Kaimur dist., Bihar.




Maa Mundeshwari Temple

Entrance gate
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