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Know facts about Rani Padmavati’s Chitorgarh Fort!

So a month ago we all were really excited to know the story of Rani Padmavati but we know what happened with that movie. So leaving that movie and politics part behind today I am going to tell you more about the Rani padmavati’s Chitorgarh fort!

Rani Padmavati’s Chitorgarh Fort or also known as Chittaur Fort is a very popular fort in Rajasthan. Chitorgarh was the capital of Mewar from 7th centuary to 16th under the Rajputs. It is also said that this Chitorgarh fort was built by Bheema, one of the Pandava borthers.

The Rani Padmavati’s Chitorgarh Fort is also famous as the “Pride of Rajasthan.” It is India’s one of the finest and structurally beautiful fort.

Chitorgarh fort is the incarnation of Rajputana heroism, sacrifice, Rajput Culture, bravery and love.

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More About Rani Padmavati’s Chitorgarh Fort – 

  • Built on 180m high Hill and spread across 700 acres.
  • The construction of Chitorgarh Fort was initiated by Bheema.
  • This fort is also called as “Water Fort”. There ere 82 water bodies at that time but only about 22 exists today.
  • The Chitorgarh fort houses many magnificent monuments.
  • There are 7 huge gates for entering Rani Padmavati’s Chitorgarh fort

Padan Pol, Bhairon Pol, Hanuman Pol ,Jorla Pol, Ganesh Pol, Laxman Pol, Ram Pol.

  • “Kirti Stambh”( Tower of Fame) is a 22m high 7 storyed tower dedicated to 1st Jain teerthankaar built by a Jain merchant in the 12th A.D.
  • “Vijay Stambh” (Tower of Victory) is a 9 storyed tower built in 1440 A.D. by Maharaja Kumbha after his victory over Mohammad Khilji.
  • Rana Kumbha Palace is believed to be that place where Rani Padmavati along with the other women performed “Jauhar”. This is the huge monument inside the Chitorgarh Fort.
  • Rani Padmini Palace palys an important role in the history of Chitorgarh fort. This palace is built on lotus shaped pool and it is belived to be that place where for the first time Alaudin Khilji (Then Sultan of Delhi) saw Rani Padmani’s reflection in the pool and was infatuated by her beauty that he wanted to abduct her.
  • Gaumukh Reservoir is situated at the edge of the cliff and is sacred where you can feed the fishes.
  • This beautiful also houses some magnificent temples like Meera Temple and Kalika Mata Temple.

The walls, sculptures, lakes, temples, everything at the Chitorgarh fort tells the story of Rajputana heroism, bravery and sacrifice. Pay a visit to this beautiful fort to hear more about the extraordinary tales of Rani Padmavati.

How To Reach?

Chitorgarh is well connected by bus and railway both.

Nearest Airport – Udaipur (Dabok Airport) ( 70 km from Chittorgarh)

Nearest Railway – Chitorgarh Junction.

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