“Interesting Facts About Jharkhand- Land of Forests”

Jharkhand has been in the news ever since it has been separated from the state of Bihar in the year 2000 on 15th November. And it has become more popular after Mahendra Singh Dhoni had proved the world that he is one of the Finest Cricketer in the World and is our “Caption Cool!”

Jharkhand is situated in the Eastern part of India and it was separated from Bihar on 15th November 2000. The word Jharkhand means land of forests. And in regional language “jhar” means gold so it is also said that the meaning of Jharkhand is “piece of gold”.

So here are some interesting facts about Jharkhand that you should know!

1. The state is rich in Mineral resources such as iron ore, coal, mica, limestone, graphite, etc. And it accounts for 40% of total mineral resources in India.

2.Ranchi is the capital of the state and is known as the city of waterfalls. And it also gets the funding for smart city among the other cities on the list.

Source – Wikimedia

3. Forests and woodlands occupy more than 29% of the state which among the highest in India.

4. Jamshedpur in Jharkhand is the 1st planned industrial city in India.

5. The tribal language of Jharkhand is identical to the Harappan civilization(Indus Valley Civilization).

Harrapan Civilization Source – Wikimedia

6. It is the home of largest Steel Plant in Asia. Bokaro Steel City is one of the first planned towns in India.

7.Jamshedpur has an average literacy rate of 85.94% which is higher than the National average of 74%.

8. Jamshedpur is the industrial capital of Jharkhand and is known as the “Pittsburgh of India.”

9.Ranchi is one of the very few Indian cities to have had a British ship named after it.
The SS Ranchi was a British passenger and cargo carrying ocean line. During the world war II, it served as an armed merchant cruiser HMS Ranchi.

10. Dhanbad is the Coal Capital of India.

Source – Wikimedia

11. India’s largest flag 493ft high is in Ranchi. This flag is the largest and is with the tallest flagpole in India.

And don’t forget about our captain cool! Just because of M.S. Dhoni now the city of Ranchi and the state of Jharkhand has its own cricket identity.
Even after all these listed amazing facts, the state of Jharkhand is the least visited state in India but you should take my advice and add it to your must-visit list now!

The waterfalls, lakes, dams, breathtaking sceneries, pilgrimages, other industrial townships and mesmerizing beauty of Jharkhand might leave you to spell bound!

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