humayun tomb in delhi, india

“Humayun’s Tomb – Magnificent Example of Persian Architecture”

Picture by – Bhuvan Chopra

The Indian subcontinent is all about cultural traditions architecture and monuments. And being a Delhite I cannot stop myself from admiring the amazing Mughal monuments of Delhi. One such example of the beauty of Indian monuments built during Mughal rule is Humayun’s Tomb. Built-in 1565 A.D. In India, this tomb is the perfect example of Persian architecture and its beauty.  After the death of Humayun, his wife Hamida Begum built this tomb in memory of his husband.

This tomb is also of historical and cultural importance as it was the first garden- tomb built in the Indian Subcontinent. I must say that the style of architecture during the Mughal rule was really amazing and is a perfect amalgamation of different architectural styles.

So now coming to the details about this magnificent tomb, surrounded by serene greenery, vast garden area, and a peaceful environment is perfect for you and your family for a nice and peaceful weekend. Well, it’s not necessary that you go with your family but you can also enjoy a walk alone!

So go ahead plan your weekend with your group or your family and spend a peaceful time with nature admiring the architecture of Mughal Rule. And yes if you love clicking selfies and a camera addict like me then grab your camera and charge your phones and visit this amazing place during the late afternoon to click some good pictures!

Location – Opp. Dargah Nizzamuddin, Nizzamuddin East, New Delhi.

Nearest metro – JLN Metro Station. 2 km from metro station.

Best time – Late afternoon.

Timings – Daily. 6 am – 7 pm.

Entry fee- Rs. 30 (Indians) Rs. 500 (foreigners)

No photography charges.

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