Hikkim Village - Village of World's Highest Post Office

Where is the World’s Highest Post Office? Hikkim village in India!

Hikkim village in Lahaul- Spiti district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh is home to World’s highest Post office. It is situated between the Komik and Langza town.

Hikkim village is at an elevation of 4,400 m ( 14,400 ft) is home to about 200 people. And in the era of digitally driven world, these people rely solely on a conventional mail.

Interesting facts about Hikkim Village- 

Hikkim village is famous for housing the World’s highest Post office which lies at a higher elevation than Hikkim – at Qomolangma in Tibet (17.060 ft.), the Mount Everest Base Camp Postal service.

But this post office is not a permanent structure also it is disputed one. This post office functions for 7 months in a year due to challenges of weather and terrain.

With the absence of stable mobile networks (Only BSNL works) and without internet connection, the only way of communication with the world is the the Post Office here.

The people of Hikkim Village are mostly Buddhists.

Oh and yes Mr. Rinchen Chhering is the only post master here since 1983! Also the credit for setting up this mail station goes to him only. However there are 2 other assistants with Mr. Rinchen.

Hikkim village once bagged a record for World’s highest Polling Station. So this village is truly another gem in the Spiti valley!

The people of Hikkim village are mainly dependent on Tourism & Agriculture.

There is only one Monastery in this village.

The houses here are structured in grouped manner and they look like white packs from a distance.

There is only one home-stay in this area commonly known as Tsedup’s House.

As the local people here are from Tibetan descendants so you’ll only find Tibetan cuisine here with an Indian touch.

It connects another nearby village called Komic which has the famous Tangyud Monastery.

And the best thing to do is to send a post card to your friends and family from the World’s highest Post office! Sending a post from this post office costs around Rs. 25.

Also opposite to the post office there is a cafe where you can enjoy variety of dishes, tea and other beverages. They also sell postcards.

I hope this information about Hikkim village will help you to plan your journey better and make it a memorable one.

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