Snowfall in kashmir

Fresh snowfall has painted it all white in Kashmir!

गर फिरदौस बर रूये ज़मी अस्त/ हमी अस्तो हमी अस्तो हमी अस्त (धरती पर अगर कहीं स्वर्ग है, तो यहीं है, यहीं है, यही हैं)

This means it is said for Kashmir that“If there is paradise, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here!”

Kashmir is truly a paradise on Earth and the fresh snowfall has painted it all white and the view is strikingly beautiful!

Kashmir with its alpine peaks and snow-clad ranges has turned into a wonderland.  From trekking to solo trips to leisurely family vacations, Kashmir is a complete package.

And these pictures of snow-draped Kashmir will make you rush to this land of snow.


From valley to hills to rocks to lakes everything is covered with snow!


Just imagine waking up to this!

See the pictures of URI –

NOTE – But before planning a trip to Kashmir please check the weather and road conditions as many roads have been blocked due to snow or have been closed.

Snowfall in kashmir -Dal-Lake
Dal Lake

Check out some more stunning pictures!


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