Experience the country's first "Hot Air Balloon safari" in Madhya Pradesh!

Experience the country’s first “Hot Air Balloon safari” in Madhya Pradesh!

Country’s first “Hot Air Balloon” was launched in the world famous Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh last month. The hot air balloon safari is the first in any tiger reserve in the country.

However for now, the safari will be restricted to the buffer area. The tourists will be able to watch leopards, tigers, Indian sloth bear and other wild animals.

This is India’s first hot air balloon safari but the Madhya Pradesh government is planning to launch the same in its other tiger reserves as well.

Now like Africa’s forests, tourists in India will also enjoy air balloon wildlife safari.

The service is being operated by Jaipur-based Sky Waltz. It is India’s first fully licensed and government approved commercial hot Air Balloon operator.

For visitors planning a trip to Madhya Pradesh, here’s one more exciting reason to head to the Tiger State of India. 

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