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Do you know that there is a “Beach” in Uttar Pradesh?

Yes, yes you read it right guys Uttar Pradesh has its own beach! I am talking about the Chuka beach which is located in the area of Pilibhit Tiger Reserve in the Pilibhit district.

About the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve

Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is located in Pilibhit district, Lakhimpur Kheri District and Bahraich District of Uttar Pradesh.  It lies along the India-Nepal border in the foothills of the Himalayas. This tiger reserve is one of India’s 50 Project Tiger Tiger reserves. Pilibhit is one of the few well forested districts in Uttar Pradesh. It was declared a Tiger Reserve in 2008 due to its highest density of tigers among protected areas in the world.

About the Chuka Beach

Chuka beach is located at a couple of kilometres of a drive through the forest. This plave has recently been turned onto a tourist place and this is the reason why this place is a hidden gem of Uttar Pradesh. Here you can spot various food stalls, tree houses and some temples.

Things to do here

As this Chuka Beach is not like those other beaches where you can lay down and enjoy sunbathing here are other things that you can do. There are thatched huts built by the tourism department. You can book them and it costs from Rs. 1500- Rs. 4000 for a stay. Overnight stay may not be preferred but you can rent these huts for some time and relax.

You can also enjoy boating here as new paddle boats have been introduced here by the Uttar Pradesh tourism department.

Also there’s a canteen where you can go and enjoy some Indian mix cuisines.

Apart from that you can go and explore this beautiful and serene Tiger Reserve.

Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is home to a large number of rare and threatened species, which include Bengal tiger, Indian leopard, swamp deer, hispid hare and Bengal floricans.


How to Reach

By air – Nearest airport is Delhi. Pilibhit is 8 hours away by road.

By Train – Nearest Railway station is Pilibhit Junction railway station.

By Road – Pilibhit is well connected with many surroundings cities and towns with good roads. You can also take a bus.

Best time to Visit Chuka Beach – Between October and March. 

So add this unexplored gem to your”to-travel-list”and stay updated to Live Travel India to know about more such hidden gem of India.

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