Dharamakshetra Kurukshetra- Sacred Gem of Haryana

Kurukshetra, a holy town of historical importance in the state of Haryana in North India.

Dharamakshetra Kurukshetra is famous for its legendary history which is associated with the Kurukshetra war from the Hindu Epic ” Mahabharata.”

In the Hindu Epic Mahabharata, Kurukshetra is described as “Dharamakshetra” which means the “land of righteousness.”

This is also the place where Lord Krishna preached his philosophy of “Karma” to Arjuna at Jyotisar as depicted in the Holy Bhagvad Gita.

This land is dotted with a number of holy places, temples and sacred tanks.

It also existed during the Harrapan age.

It was named after King Kuru, who also performed a supreme sacrifice to bring prosperity to this land and for the people of this land.

Kurukshetra is the perfect weekend getaway from Delhi.

Now coming to the list of point of affections in Kurukshetra.

1. Brahma sarovar 
kurukshetra brahma sarovar

A beautiful water tank, Brahma sarovar is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed that this was the place from where Lord Brahma created the Earth( according to Hindu mythology).

On Amawasya devotees from all over the India and nearby people visit this place and take a dip.

2. Sthaneshwara Mahadev Temple

kurukshetra sthaneshwara temple

Situated at Thanesar , this temple is believed to be that site where Pandava Brothers were blessed by Lord Shiva to win the Mahabharata battle.

The water tank adjoining the temple is believed to be holy and has curative properties.

3. Panorama & Science center 

kurukshetra panorama and science center

It is a unique Science centre that combines Science with Religion.

The main attraction of this centre is the life- like depiction of the Mahabharata war with scientific explanation of each and every episode.

There’s also a science based park outside the Centre’s building.

Kurukshetra is the sacred land of eternal bliss and worth a visit .

Some other point of attraction at Kurukshetra – 
kurukshetra bhadrakali temple


kurukshetra birla mandir
kalpana chawla planetorium


kurukshetra sheikh chilli tomb
By Air – Chandigarh is the nearest Airport to Kurukshetra.
By Railway – Kurukshetra junction is connected to all the major railway  stations.
kurukshetra junction
By Road – You can either take Haryana roadways bus or other state corporation bus. You can also reach here by                              your own vehicle via NH1 from Delhi.

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