Delhi’s pride Qutub Minar embellished with LED lights

Delhi’s pride, Qutub Minar, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Mehrauli area of Delhi, India.

The Qutub Minar is a 73-metre (239.5 feet) tall tapering tower of five storeys, with a 14.3 metres (47 feet) base diameter, reducing to 2.7 metres (9 feet) at the top of the peak. It contains a spiral staircase of 379 steps.

Standing tall since ages, this monument this is now all lit up is a sight to behold for someone who wishes to capture that perfect snap!

Delhi’s pride Qutub Minar embellished with LED lights

If you are in Delhi then Qutub Minar is one structure that you just can’t afford to miss when you’re in the city. And now when it is illuminated with special LED lights, making the decorative elements and inscriptions on it even more visible, you just can’t miss to bless your eyes.

Reason behind the Illiminated Qutub Minar 

ASI( Archaeological Survery of India) in bid to promote India’s glorious culture and Heritage has begun to showcase India’s cultural vibrancy to the entire world. The move to illuminate the historic monuments is to showcase monuments during late evenings, thereby enhancing the visitor experience.

The project, initiated by the Archaeological Survery of India (ASI), will constitute installing about 300 such lights in the entire Qutub Minar complex, out of which 200 will be used solely to brighten the pillar.

Delhi’s pride Qutub Minar embellished with LED lights

So if you’re someone who likes to capture that perfect image of Delhi’s pride Qutub Minar then head to Mehrauli for a night walk and seize the moment in your camera of this long-standing illuminated structure at night!

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